IT Analysis

Network Infrastructure Audit

Server in the middle, connected to other devices in a circle

The analysis process is a comprehensive methodology to extract the necessary information about your company and your information technology to allow us to provide world class support and provide value to you in terms of documentation, insight, accountability and control of your information technology.

  • Third party unbiased audit
  • Centralized repository for all technical information allowing for fast resolution on IT related issues
  • Provides management with highly detailed insight on:
    • State of the current network infrastructure
    • Technology environment
    • Design of systems
    • Management and maintenance of systems
    • Performance of hardware
    • IT staffing requirements
  • Identifies technology vulnerabilities
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Identifies current disaster preparedness, recovery and business continuity plans
  • Removes any guessing or blind faith
  • Allows for a smooth entry of Republic Voice & Data services
  • Provides insight into future spending requirements and serves as validation for strategic technology and business plans

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