Hosted VoIP Solution

Our award winning cloud based telephone solution not only provides superior sound quality and unified communications applications, but will help you reduce up-front capital expenditure, eliminate costs of system management, and much more. From installation to our ongoing support services, you are getting an industry leader in VoIP solutions.

The cloud-based business telephone solution functionality is based upon the on-premise a business telephone system. Our cloud based VoIP systems even supports many of the same high-quality endpoint devices. Without sacrificing quality or feature sets the system provides an alternative to buying a telephone system. Customers pay a monthly service fee, based upon size and usage, instead of purchasing or leasing a telephone system.

One of the main advantages of making the move to a cloud solution is to increase business dexterity to ongoing change within the business. Cloud services make it much easier to deal with than a PBX system with finite resources. As your organization grows, there is no expensive hardware add-on purchases needed to account for additional users. Moreover, you are never stuck with any obsolete system equipment.

While there are some up-front costs to cloud services, it is minimal in comparison to the cost of implementing an entire on-premise PBX system. Having foreseeable monthly service fees with a single provider enables you to better manage long-term costs and budget accordingly.