Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes Republic Voice & Data Different?

Republic Voice & Data provides businesses technology that enhances employee productivity and brings a competitive advantage.

What Services Does Republic Voice & Data Provide?

Our services include:

  • Data, Cloud Computing
  • Server Management
  • Break/Fix, Back-up
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Voice Networks, Hosted IP
  • Service & Support
  • Cabling and Infrastructure
  • Managed Carrier Services
  • Web Site Development and Management
  • IP Telephones / Networking Multiple Offices
  • Digital Telephones
  • Voice Mail
  • Desktop Faxing
  • Carrier Solutions (dial tone, long distance, internet, fiber)
  • Cabling (structured, telephone, computer, tv, video surveillance, fiber)
  • Networking (voice and data hardware solutions, carrier solutions)
  • Audio Equipment
  • Video Surveillance
  • Data/Computer Networking (servers, hosted servers, cloud computing, back-ups)

What do I expect when I contact Republic Voice & Data?

Our first meeting is a discovery session where we will ask questions to get a better idea of how you and your team are currently using technology today to communicate. Depending upon the depth of needs and the nature of your business, we may schedule return visits to demonstrate possible services that will bring a competitive advantage. This specificity will be adjusted based on your needs. e.g. a call center may have a need for a more in depth voice discussion and less on the need for a surveillance system discussion, etc. We take the time to review every detail as to how you are communicating with your clients and peers today. We gather, analyze and often times optimize your current connectivity expenses and make recommendations to improve your bottom line.

We are a very organized and detailed organization, our professional solutions may receive minor adjustments upon review with you, but generally it's exactly what you've indicated your needs are. Time of completion is generally 7-10 business days for voice solutions and 25-45 business days for data solutions. Implementation of more complex technology solutions generally require more time to implement.

What about the complications of new development?

We manage the entire new construction install process on your behalf. This includes assigning a project coordinator who will manage the project including all communications with contractors and the carriers to ensure smooth and timely delivery of service. We pride ourselves on being the on-time every time better than expected Provider.

How much advance notice do I need to give you?

Contact us. By phone or email so we can schedule a Discovery meeting and begin our needs analysis journey.

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