Online Virtual Cloud Desktop

A monitor, laptop, tablet & cell phone all with a blue background with a white cloud in the center

The Virtual Cloud Desktop powered by OS33 features an easy-to-use OS33 Webtop for users that's accessible anywhere, anytime. It serves as both entry point and navigation tool for a company's enterprise-wide workspace and helps you seamlessly secure, manage and deliver information.

  • Windows & web based applications in one place, single sign on!
  • Customizable look & feel
  • Access to both local and hosted files in the cloud
  • Strong passwords provides additional network access security so users can feel protected with high-level passwords up to 40 characters with optional 2-factor Authentication
  • Built in Real-time Employee Directory

Advanced Cloud Options

  • Complete managed services by adding our Managed IT Services
  • Synthetic Transactions for end user experience monitoring

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