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Why consolidate your current monthly expenses associated with dial tone and internet supporting your voice and data networks you ask? Reduce overall costs, right size your carrier needs accurately to eliminate overages, eliminate outbound domestic long-distance charges, save up to 50% on telephone line services, find savings that help pay for new technology your company is in need of.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Republic on Your Team to Manage Your Carrier Services

  1. Most carriers do not share the best package prices. We will negotiate on your behalf for your best deal.
  2. You're paying for items on your carrier bill that you do not use. We identify and remove unused items and provide only what you need.
  3. You don't have time to review and to make sure you are not being overcharged. We review your bills annually.
  4. Usually businesses are paying for larger bandwidth (Internet packages) than what they need. We analyze and "right-size" your packages.
  5. 99% of all businesses are overspending for telephone lines and Internet. We look for savings, and deliver those savings back in the form of new technology you need.

Yes, it's time to review what we are paying for. I want to save money and reinvest those savings in new technology for my business:

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Republic Voice & Data will find you the exact solution you need at a competitive price. We resell Carrier Services provided by over 40 carriers throughout the United States who provide: PRI's, MPLS, Fiber, Cable, EoC, High Speed Internet, Metro Ethernet, Dial tone, Business line services or any combination thereof.

Carrier Services

We manage your carrier network services from all aspects including installation to calling in a service ticket.

Republic Voice & Data provides full service telecom solutions for clients who are looking to obtain greater cost efficiencies and improved performance for all of their telecommunications needs.

Republic Voice & Data consultants will identify strategies to best leverage today’s technology for improved business productivity, staff workload, and overall ease of communication for your customers.

  • Performance Optimization – get the most value from the services you use
  • Expense Management – improve cost control and expense allocation
  • Network Integration – to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Contract Negotiation – leverage our collective experience

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