The BIG THREE of VoIP Phone Systems

April 6th, 2021 by Jeff Smith

VoIP phone systems use the same internet connection that a company already uses and pays a carrier for. Can nearly eliminate the need to pay for copper wires that landlines run on. Reduce monthly telecom expenses! VoIP phone systems offer feature sets that previously only large corporations...

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Three Benefits of Recording Business Calls

March 4th, 2021 by admin

Simplifying the onboarding process for new employees. Recorded phone conversations can be a great tool for introducing new employees to your company’s call techniques and styles. Listening to recorded calls can speed up the process for new agents to get a grip on key elements you want to convey. Assessing...

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Relocating? What about your business phone system?

August 27th, 2020 by Jeff Smith

The VoIP specialists at Republic Voice & Data have come up with a three-step process below to help you find the best replacement option for your business. Step 1: List out your requirements Examine your business needs and list out the requirements that must be met by the business phone system you...

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The Benefits of Utilizing a Hosted Phone System

February 21st, 2020 by admin

Hosting your business phone systems in the cloud brings many benefits compared to a traditional on-premise phone system. The problem with an on-premise system is that when your business outgrows it, it becomes costly to expand. Additionally, your company will have paid for a point in time solution...

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Republic Voice and Data Offers a Full System Solution to Build Your Operations

June 26th, 2019 by admin

It is common for businesses to use multiple providers for different aspects of their operations; with a provider for their phone systems and internet, one to manage their networks, and another for surveillance and security. TThere are downsides to using all of these different providers, not only...

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Choosing the Right Cabling Infrastructure for Your Business: CAT6

June 25th, 2019 by admin

For a scalable solution to your company's cabling infrastructure as well as the ability to keep up with even the most stringent demands, CAT6 cabling is the answer. Category 6 cabling (CAT6) is the latest in network cabling that prepares your systems for the future, and it is known as...

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Why VoIP Phone Systems is the Better Option For Small Businesses

June 1st, 2019 by admin

It is essential to consider a few things when you're a small business looking for a phone system: costs, reliability, options, and features. These factors are mostly dependent on your business needs; however, small businesses operate more efficiently when they are using an affordable system with...

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Three Reasons Text Messaging is Vital for Your Business

April 13th, 2019 by admin

Text messaging has become an integral way that companies are now communicating with their staff and customers, and businesses are looking for a voice solution that will keep up with the ever-evolving ways that people interact with each other. At Republic Voice and Data, we provide that solution by...

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Award-winning IP Business Telephone Systems

August 17th, 2016 by admin

As a Platinum Certified Toshiba Dealer, we can provide you with the best and brightest technology out there. Toshiba's IPedge is just one piece of technology that has won multiple awards for excellence. The IPedge gives its users the ability to run multiple applications on a single server. Its variety...

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