Why Your Business Should Consider Having TWO INTERNET CONNECTIONS

March 16th, 2021 by Jeff Smith

Internet montage

Affordable business continuity is certainly a topic we are asked about here at Republic Voice and Data.

Everyone knows online business operations are vulnerable to threats, including malicious software, natural disasters, and power outages. What does Republic suggest to ensure consistent internet access so that your business will never be offline? Consider having two internet connections.

Either by way of two connections with the same carrier (for example, a fiber connection and a standard internet connection) or by way of engaging two different – if available in your area – carriers (for example, Charter and Frontier). Have your provider (for example, Republic Voice and Data) install a dual WAN router to accommodate two connections. The dual WAN router can provide quick transition, or “failover”, from one carrier to another, and can “balance the load” as well. Balancing loads ensures that voice traffic and data traffic don’t compete at each other’s expense.

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