Who is Watching Your Hen House?

March 25th, 2021 by Jeff Smith

A white hen in front of a chicken coop

Many of us pay our phone bills without taking a good look at them. Which gives providers (A provider could be your internet source, such as Charter or Frontier, or Cox as examples. Also, could be your VoIP system source, such as Ring Central or Vonage, as examples) free reign to add unnecessary fees, and charges. Paying strict attention to the details – down to individual line-item fees – can result in significant monthly savings.

Here in Hillsborough County, Florida, there recently was a change in the tax percentage assessed. Little to no publicity. One full percentage point can make a substantial impact on your monthly recurring charges. Take a close look at your next statement to ensure you are correctly being charged.

Also, should your organization be a 501-c3, are you certain your provider is assessing your organization correctly? Are you being charged taxes?

It is not just your cell phone provider that needs to be closely watched anymore.

Here at Republic Voice and Data, whether you purchase a service such as cabling or a complete VoIP business phone system, we will use our 32 years of experience to scrub/analyze your monthly provider statement at no cost. We will watch your hen house for you…and your organization will be better off because of it.

Please contact Republic Voice and Data (813) 984-0800, opt. 5. We would be happy to watch your henhouse!

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