The Virtual Cloud Desktop

February 25th, 2017 by admin

We live in a day and age when mobility is key to staying ahead of the competition. A number of industries see staff outside the main office, sometimes between several sites or travelling. It's important to be able to stay connected with these employees, no matter their location. They will also appreciate having their workstation easily at hand. Republic Voice and Data offers the Virtual Cloud Desktop system to meet these needs. By having a virtual desktop, you can access your applications and desktop from anywhere, anytime, and on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Imagine a sales person, able to access all relevant market information on his tablet, while sitting in the car before a meeting. Or a delivery personnel taking payments using secure smartphone applications. Imagine the extra productivity a project manager will have, saving that trip back to the office from the project site. We can see endless possibilities for providing your team with an easily accessible virtual desktop. You can even customize the look and feel of your company's cloud system to match your business culture and way of working.

We hear some worries about security, and that is understandable. This Virtual Cloud Desktop offers 2-factor authorization and additional network access security measures. By storing some or all data off-site, you can take advantage of our high-end data center solutions. These accept the risks associated with the data storage. They build redundancies into the system to combat data loss from accidents or natural disasters and implement extensive physical security measures that most businesses can't provide for their own servers. In addition, if you opt for our Managed IT Services, you can benefit from remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and help desk services.

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