The Effects of COVID-19

May 25th, 2021 by admin

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Sound Familiar?

From the onset, the effects of Covid-19 have been pervasive. The effects have presented businesses with challenges specifically related to IT and Telecom. Do the challenges below sound familiar? Republic Voice and Data, 32 years in service to our clients, is ready to assist your team to overcome those challenges.

  • Security Issues demand attention. And with the numbers of remote workers ever-rising, malicious software and phishing attempts MUST be thwarted. Everything is at stake. Gasoline pipeline companies and water supply companies are not the only targeted businesses.
  • End users (your employees) often do not have the right software to do remote work. Republic Voice and Data’s experience and process-oriented methodology ensure that your team members will have the right software and hardware to be effective.
  • End users (your employees) do not have appropriate network access. Republic Voice and Data focuses on ensuring that those remote workers have network access that is fast and secure. Our process checklist considers each employee’s role, permissions to be granted by management, and other factors.

Republic Voice and Data stands at the ready. Look to Republic to DELIVER your company from the negative effects of the current health crisis.

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