Republic Voice and Data Offers a Full System Solution to Build Your Operations

June 26th, 2019 by admin

Network servers

It is common for businesses to use multiple providers for different aspects of their operations; with a provider for their phone systems and internet, one to manage their networks, and another for surveillance and security. TThere are downsides to using all of these different providers, not only keeping up with all of the contracts and support but you also spend much more when paying for multiple providers when you factor in their prices, fees, and additional charges. This also affects overall integration and functionality for your systems, causing decreased efficiency and poor operational functionality. At Republic Voice and Data, we offer a full system solution that not only consolidates all of your systems together but also significantly reduces costs and mess.

Our full system solution includes wireless access points, or WAPs, hosted phone systems, internet, cabling, cybersecurity, surveillance, and also managed IT. Utilizing a single provider for all of your systems benefits your business in more ways than one. From lower costs, more accessible and faster support, seamless integration with multiple systems, and worry-free maintenance to 24/7 monitoring of all your operations. In addition to overall better service, we offer innovative and cutting edge technology that enhance operations, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

  • Wi-Fi and Wireless access points or WAPs. With smart antenna technology, our Wi-Fi internet solutions provide enterprise-level broadband connection with wireless access points that enable comprehensive coverage for large offices, building, and campuses.
  • Hosted VoIP phone systems. Our hosted PBX and cloud-based phones offer advanced UC features and mobility to allow for a remote and virtual workplace.
  • Network and cabling infrastructure. We build your operations a custom-designed network infrastructure that grows with your services.
  • Cybersecurity and protection. With a significant focus on prevention, our cybersecurity solutions provide enhanced data breach protection that safeguards your networks, internet, desktops, and more. We even offer training programs to educate your staff on proper cybersecurity prevention methods and common shortfalls.
  • Industry-leading surveillance system. Our security and surveillance systems seamlessly integrate with our enhanced IP camera and access control technology. Watch your facilities from anywhere with our security applications and software.

Every component integrates to allow even more enhanced capabilities and streamlines your operations. We also manage everything for you with full virtual and on-site support, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and updates. You never have to deal with outdated or antiquated devices with future-proof equipment. At Republic Voice and Data, we help you build a thriving and successful business.

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