How Security Systems Can Save You Money on Your Insurance Premiums

October 23rd, 2019 by admin

close-up of a surveillance camera

One of the most effective ways to save money on your company is by simply installing security systems. Not only can surveillance keep your company safe from accidents, but it can yield a high return on investment for your business. Insurance is one of the most significant expenses a company must take on, so why not try to save money where you can? While it is essential to shop around, you should also keep in mind just how much you can save annually by just having a sound security system installed.

Reducing Insurance Premiums and decreasing risk

The purpose of business insurance is to protect you, your staff, and assets from unforeseen events, such as theft, accidents, vandalism, and other forms of crime. Everything from the people who come in contact with your organization, the building, and possessions are at high-risk and much more accident-prone, without security. Insurance providers spend more on riskier companies and often discount those who are less risky.

The most common types of claims filed are theft and burglary. Employees commit the majority of theft cases, often stealing the most valuable items. Security cameras aid in not only preventing theft, but if a crime occurs, they can also help in loss recovery and catching the perpetrator.

Protecting your property and organization

Reduction in insurance costs happens either over time and through reduced claims and up-front premium reduction or by merely reducing the business's overall risk. A custom security system assists with both reducing the number of accidents that occur, thus reduces the number of claims and lessens the prospect of dangerous events arising. These events include:

  • Violent acts and theft.
  • Evidence for events where disputed facts can cause questioning of liability such as falls and slips.

An effective security system should be tailored to the needs of the business. Surveillance cameras come with a myriad of features that address points of vulnerability specific to the facilities. Having the right technology and security infrastructure in place is where Republic Data and Voice can help. We offer indoor and outdoor monitoring with real-time streaming, motion-activated sensors, remote notifications, access controls, and more.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you save more on your voice and network systems too!

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