Five Steps Business Owners should consider for Hurricane Season

Five Steps Business Owners should consider for Hurricane Season

August 20th, 2020 by Jeff Smith

An overhead shot of a hurricane with a satellite above it
  1. Deploy mobile apps for essential employees to be able to work remotely. Mobile apps for cell phones ensure that clients calling the business will be able to reach department heads and other key employees in real-time.
  2. Deploy adequate battery back-ups for critical systems – phone systems, switches, routers, all data- centric gear essential to your business.
  3. Consider carrier redundancy. For example, if your business has Frontier as your carrier, consider adding Spectrum as a back-up carrier. Deploy a dual-wan router so if one carrier has issues, your set up will automatically failover to the back-up carrier. Ensures connectivity. Take advantage of aggressive carrier special rates now. Add that second carrier for true redundancy.
  4. Install a video surveillance system to monitor your business – inside and out. Remotely view the status of your physical building and how it may be affected by serious adverse weather conditions. Be proactive.
  6. Consider implementing an off-site data center solution. Data centers offer emergency redundant power systems and other back-up solutions to ensure the integrity of your company’s critical data.

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