3 Steps to ensure your Business will continue to deliver excellence during a busy hurricane season!

July 28th, 2020 by Jeff Smith

Satellite image of Hurricane off the coast of Florida
  1. Ensure all critical devices - phone system, servers, switches, routers, modems, and camera systems are all attached to properly sized battery backups on-site. Your critical data should be backed up off-site in the cloud or at a data center.
  2. Deploy mobile apps for cell phones synched to your business phone system – this helps to ensure calls are handled (even during power and internet outages) by actual employees, whether they are on-site or otherwise.
  3. Change your company’s automated greeting frequently to provide callers a quick snapshot of the company status. Additionally, offer prompts/options/mailboxes for callers (both customers and your employees) to access further detailed instructions and information.

Set your company apart from the competition.

Keep your systems up and running and always – ALWAYS – provide a way for customers and employees to access current information during a potentially debilitating event such as a hurricane.

A Republic Voice and Data representative will be happy to assist your company’s quest to

Deliver Excellence Even During a Hurricane

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