Why VoIP Phone Systems is the Better Option For Small Businesses

June 1st, 2019 by admin


It is essential to consider a few things when you're a small business looking for a phone system: costs, reliability, options, and features. These factors are mostly dependent on your business needs; however, small businesses operate more efficiently when they are using an affordable system with all the bells and whistles needed to run their operations effectively. VoIP phone systems offer just that, they are far more affordable than on-premise, hassle-free, and provide great features like auto attendant, call forwarding, text, email, and more that can make work easier for employees.

Companies of all sizes have made the switch to cloud-based VoIP phones due to the plethora of benefits that these phones offer. In addition to affordability, small to mid-sized businesses, or SMBs, need a phone system that will grow with their business and give them the least amount of headache during the duration of the phone ownership. The ease that comes with having a cloud phone system with the right provider will help your business in the long run by increasing growth, profitability, credibility, and help you run a smoother business. The benefits that come with cloud phones include:

  • Flexibility with cloud technology. Since the data is held and accessed from the cloud, your business can operate from anywhere in the world. Newer phone systems allow you to easily take your phone with you when you're out of the office or allow for mobile phone integration.
  • Improved customer retention with Auto Attendant or smart calls. Quickly routing the calls to the proper department helps your business run better and more efficient; it also keeps your customers and clients happy and willing to retain loyalty.
  • Easier Collaboration with Teleconferencing. VoIP phone systems make teamwork and collaboration more convenient and beneficial. This is a common feature that enables you to easily connect with other team members as well as gather for meetings, conferences, and webinars.
  • Adapted to your business with virtual technology. With premise-based phones, when your business grows, you must buy new hardware and equipment to add new users and more space, but with cloud phones, you can add as many users without spending a dime for extra space or more users.

So, you've chosen to go with the cloud, now it is time to choose the right provider and phone that will suit your business. At Republic Voice and Data, we offer leading-edge VoIP phone systems for SMBs. There are many more features that come with VoIP phone systems from the basics of call recording, voicemail translating, email, and text to features that integrate to Google and salesforce; it can all be overwhelming but let us help you get the system that is right for you. Contact our experts to help you get matched up with an internet phone system with all of the features you need.

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