Three Things to Consider Regarding 10+ Year Old Cabling and your Upgrade To VoIP

August 13th, 2020 by Jeff Smith

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White Cables intertwined.

Installing a VoIP phone solution on old old cabling?

It's not whether or not it can be done, it's whether or not it should be done. What is the cost to you, the customer, to run Cat5e or Cat6 cable, vs the cost of extra site visits to troubleshoot intermittent audio issues? We’ve seen scenarios where customers look their phone system vendor in the eye on Monday and say they want to save money and not run new cable, then tell you on Friday what a horrible human you are for installing a voice system on inferior, slow, and outdated cable.

Reputable phone system professionals, such as Republic Voice and Data, offer to run new Cat5e or Cat6 cabling and bill the client monthly with a minimum contract duration that pays for the cabling and then some.

Can't run new Cat5e or Cat6 cabling to the workstation / phone location?

Republic Voice and Data’s hosted VoIP solution, Republic Cloud, can include wifi enabled (truly wireless) desk phones.

Don’t necessarily sit and stay put behind a desk or fixed workstation?

Republic Voice and Data’s hosted VoIP solution, Republic Cloud, offers three alternatives for mobility.

  • Mobility App. Now your business lines can ring on your cellular phone. So whether you are inside your building, on the road, or in another state altogether, your cell phone IS your business phone extension.
  • Cordless Phone. Technology has come a long way here. Your cordless phone will deliver high quality calls and give you mobility throughout your office.
  • Wireless Headsets. Again, headsets have come a long way. The headsets we offer are comfortable to wear for long periods of time and offer easy, hands-free operation.

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