Stone Age or ?

May 11th, 2020 by Luis Mata Trejo

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Unless you are living in the stone age your company will need some kind of IT support.

There are two types of IT support.

Reactive Support

Reactive is just what it sounds like, a reaction to an event. Basically, if it breaks then you have to call someone in to fix it.

Example: Your server crashes. You have to "react" by placing an expensive service call. This then leads to not only the expense of the service call but also a loss of business while you wait for parts and a final repair.

Pro: low cost of entry upfront

Con: Your company could be down for hours and or days, which will be costly. 60% of business that suffer major computer outages never fully recover from that loss.

Proactive Support

Also, just what it sounds like, you take a Proactive approach and head disasters off before they strike. Proactive IT support is providing services throughout the month to optimize the performance of your Servers and Computers. This keeps you operational and alerts you when systems are in danger of failure.

Example: Because your servers and computers are monitored, an alert pops up to let you know there is an issue with a server that may lead to a crash. The problem is rectified and no downtime/service call is needed.

Pro: No surprises, No down time.

Con: You are paying a monthly management fee for this service. Ensuring uptime and reliability that your processes are continuously running.

Would it be helpful if you had a choice to tailor what your business needs most?

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