Social Distancing – Stay Calm It’s Working!

May 18th, 2020 by Donna Arsenault

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Reports now show that, as large cities including San Francisco, NYC, Seattle and Miami have taken steps to “flatten the curve”, the rate of reported covid-19 hospital admissions has been easing.

What’s next?
Crush the curve the experts say.

  • Institute Harsh measures – shutdowns, social distancing, limiting travel, etc. (we are here now).
  • Stepwise release measures to ensure the epidemic doesn’t take off again.
  • Waiting 30 days after the reproduction number reduces. Meaning the number of new infections generated by each infected person is reduced. Today we show more than 2 people are infected by each person that has the virus.

How do we do that?

The shutdown. The shutdown is now in effect for the foreseeable future. Our goal is for Herd Immunity – those who have been exposed to the virus are somewhat immune to it. They suspect that when we re-open our normal way of doing things that the virus will rebound. It is said that 97% of Americans will remain vulnerable.

Additionally, some studies suggest that the virus may follow a seasonal pattern and could come back (or rebound) when cooler weather returns in the fall.

Completely shutting down everything for a long period of time is not compatible with a truly functioning society. So what’s next? The news suggests that we slowly release the restrictions and reintroduce “life as we knew it one step at a time”.

Schools – may not reopen this year, teaching maybe done via Web Meeting tools.
Stores – many have restrictions on the number of people they let into the store at a time.
Businesses will be added back in as more essential offerings are brought back with new safety measures.

So what’s the good from all of this?

  • Families are spending more time with one another.
  • Our ability to entertain ourselves brings back some of our “Good Ole Days” traditions.
  • People are reducing their “Busy” from fitting it all in to “Key essential Activities”.
  • Home Projects are getting done.
  • Outdoor activities are on the rise.

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