Small Business: Improve Business and Attract Customers with Wireless Access Points

May 14th, 2019 by admin

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Everyone is on the internet, all the time. So when connectivity is hard to come by in your business, it can drive current and potential clients and customers away; also lowering productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Expanding internet connectivity using wireless access points can not only make your customers and employees happier, but it can also make a tremendous boost in your business's overall competitive advantage.

Providing robust wifi connectivity across every part of your company benefits your business in more ways than one, such as having internet in areas including outside like in an outdoor patio area, and public spaces like waiting areas and cafes. The advantages far exceed the disadvantages of utilizing access points, but of course, it is always beneficial to know both.

Advantages of a WAP include:

  • Mobility – internet connectivity is broader and can be accessed in more areas with ease.
  • Increased User Access – Access points in businesses have stronger connections and can allow thousands of users on the network.
  • More Coverage – With the use of a custom multi-AP infrastructure, your customers and staff enjoy seamless roaming and better widespread coverage throughout your building or campus.

Disadvantages include:

  • High probability for latency – when there are hundreds of users using the same wireless network, there can be issues of slower connections and even outages.
  • Security – Connections to the network may become less and less secure as users increase. It is vital to enterprise level network security as your business expands so that users and data stay protected.

Republic Voice and Data offer affordable solutions for installing WAPs into your business. We'll create a WAP plan for your business that will allow connectivity in every area of your organization. Your clients, customers, staff, guests, and visitors will thank you for it, and you will boost operations and increase clientele.

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