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September 1st, 2020 by Jeff Smith

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For those of us who cannot afford to be disconnected even for a short time, having more than one ISP (an internet service provider like Spectrum and Frontier) is essential. If you have more than one ISP, you will need a router capable of handling multiple WAN connections.

Internet service is, even at entry-level packages, relatively inexpensive. Adding a second provider/carrier makes fiscal sense for those businesses that cannot afford downtime.  Implementing a dual WAN router is the method that allows your business to take advantage of multiple carriers.   For example, when your Spectrum services are down, the router seamlessly “fails over” to Frontier.  

A Business Continuity plan is not a luxury. 

A Republic representative will work closely with you and your team to develop a Business Continuity Plan that works for your organization. Bring on that secondary carrier and implement the Dual Wan Router to manage your failover situations.

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