How to Handle an Unorganized Data Closet

August 18th, 2020 by admin

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What to do when your data closet is extremely unorganized and is difficult to identify essential components with their proper wiring?

In today's fast-moving world in technology most companies end up upgrading servers, changing internet partners, have alarm companies and video surveillance to name a few. All these wiring and components end up in a central location usually an IT room for bigger companies or for most companies it is the data closet. As time goes there are upgrades and possibly changes to other IT related vendors. The data closet then starts becoming a mess of components and old wiring that isn't even being used. This is very common in older office buildings as new tenants inherit the leftover "dead" equipment from the previous tenant. If you are tired of seeing this mess in your data closet act and make a plan. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Make a plan with an inventory of all equipment, then go into the data closet. Take a good hard look at what is your equipment and wiring that you are using. Look at your services telecom, alarm, etc. If you have leftover equipment from the last vendor then give them a call to see if they will remove the equipment. If they refuse to remove the equipment, then now you know this task is up to you as the business owner to get rid of unwanted equipment.
  2. Determine if shelving is needed and if so, determine what size of "Data Rack" is needed. Do you want the Data rack to be floor standing or wall mounted? Again, this needs to be some thought to this as you want to also give yourself some room for possible growth.
  3. Label your items, while this may seem like a tedious process it is important that folks know the differences of your components. You may not want someone unplugging the wrong component and suddenly creating an office crisis by pure accident.
  4. Group your cables accordingly and tie the cables with a twist tie. Patience is key to this process as you may have a tangled mess of wires and this may be a two-person job. Note to the wise, if you have a fiber optic cable please be super careful and do not bend. Try to keep the power cables separate from data cables. If you have a cable that is too long, then try to do a loop and twist tie the extra loop cable.
  5. So, you are putting in your components in the rack. Do not cram the items together There needs to be room for the components to breathe and remember these components do generate heat. Please make sure you keep this room free from moisture and keep the room at a very cool temperature. Some companies place portable AC units to keep the data room cool and fans are also a great option to cool down the components.

These are just a few tips on how to properly organize your data closet. This can be a very tedious effort and most companies hire an outside vendor to this type of work. Republic Voice & Data has been in business for 32 years and has experienced technicians which can help you with your data closet organization.

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