Choosing the Right Cabling Infrastructure for Your Business: CAT6

June 25th, 2019 by admin


For a scalable solution to your company's cabling infrastructure as well as the ability to keep up with even the most stringent demands, CAT6 cabling is the answer. Category 6 cabling (CAT6) is the latest in network cabling that prepares your systems for the future, and it is known as a critical component for growth and longevity for your networks. But what makes this cabling system so powerful and leading-edge?

You may have heard of CAT5 cabling or enhanced category 5, otherwise known as CAT5e, which is a cheaper copper wire solution with less bandwidth that is able to keep up with current speeds and networks. The only problem is that many businesses now require even faster connectivity speeds and bandwidth due to operating in the internet age; as your team, staff, customers, clients, and operations grow, you have no time to worry about slowing down with a network system that won't be able to keep up. While there are still many beneficial qualities to CAT5 and CAT5e that businesses could benefit from, CAT6 and CAT6e are an overall faster and more stable solution with a better return on investment. The pros of Cat6 include:

  • Cabling can extend up to 100 meters and can transfer data at a maximum data rate speed of 1-10GPS
  • CAT6e can be used in just about any type of business and facility from call centers, office networks, with phone lines as well as even private networks, unlike CAT6 and CAT6A.
  • Includes an advanced insulation system that protects the internal wiring from crosstalk and noise.
  • Is compatible with both current and newer hardware with high-quality transferrable data.
  • Is also compatible with lower systems like the CAT3, CAT5, and CAT5e cabling, so replacement is not necessary.
  • Offers fewer errors and latency issues.

For an expanding enterprise, you want a reliable system for the foreseeable future. While opting for a cheaper option like the CAT5 or CAT5e may save you money now, in the long run, you will still have to pay for costs to upgrade your systems. With an investment in CAT6 cabling, you have a business that is prepared and equipped with better overall bandwidth and speeds as technology moves forward. At Republic Voice and Data, we have the experts to enhance your operations with cutting edge cabling technology that will stay with your business for years to come.

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