Best Ways to Overcome Covid-19 From a Clients Point of View

May 26th, 2020 by Donna Arsenault

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We recently sat down with (as much as anyone can actually "sit down with" anyone) Barbara Russell, VP of Sales & Marketing at Holiday House Distributing to see how COVID-19 has affected Holiday House.

How has Covid-19 changed your business and what is your plan to keep moving forward?

We have deployed our plan for Remote Workers, work shift options, and are utilizing our Mobile apps for our inbound call traffic. We had initially purchased our VoIP package, so we would be prepared for a future Hurricane. We now know that we are prepared and ready for much more! Republic, their team and the telephones are fantastic!

Additionally, our managers and employees are meeting via our Web based Meeting tool which has been helpful for weekly discussions. Republic makes this easy too as these calls are crucial to keeping our lines of communication open.

What’s next at Holiday House Distributing?

We are working to upgrade our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. This seems to be a great time to improve upon our Procedures by implementing tools that bring us efficiency and boost productivity.

So what’s the good you see from all of this?

"What I am most thankful for is that my family is here and healthy! We are blessed with having this time to spend with one another. Time enjoying walks, our yards, playing board games, and yes enjoying some of life’s simplest pleasures."

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