7 ways Recording Calls Can Boost Your Team's Sales Pitch

September 3rd, 2020 by admin

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  1. More Professional Behavior
    Statistics show when calls are being monitored staff and clients are on their best behavior.
  2. Training Opportunities
    Identifies where a sale went wrong and helps management provide training to avoid future customer disputes.
  3. Dispute Resolution
    Often the recorded calls can be utilized to help show that your staff properly answered the client’s questions and provided good judgement during a difficult call. Thereby offering the ability to resolve a dispute and avoid potential litigation.
  4. Organizational Assistance
    Call Capture and recall – allows staff to listen to the recorded call to capture all items on a large order.
  5. Call Analytics
    Record all calls and capture the number of calls (share staffs daily call statistics so that the sales team can see them).
  6. Opportunities for Employee Recoginition
    Review a sample of customer calls for each of your sales reps each week and share with the entire sales team. Choose the best calls and praise members for great sales skills and identify winning pitches.
  7. Problem Solving Opportunities
    Choose a few calls where the client had some good Objections and share with your team how to overcome those objectives.

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