Three Reasons to Switch to a Hosted Phone System

September 24th, 2020 by Jeff Smith

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Advanced Fully-Featured System

VoIP hosted phone systems are robust with feature sets that offer so much more than traditional premise based / legacy PBX-type systems.
Feature rich systems that, in the end, should have your business operating at a much more productive level.

  • Virtual phones on your workstations
  • Mobility apps allowing work from anywhere, make and take business calls from anywhere
  • Call recording and queueing
  • Caller ID and call blocking
  • Voice mail to email integration

Cost Saving and Cost Predictable

With a Hosted phone solution your business has the ability to have a fully-featured system for all of your locations. Everything can be under one bill and you would be able to only pay for what you need.

If your company employees 20 people who need 20 phones, your bill would reflect 20 phones. The same goes for 200 phones.

With a Hosted phone solution, there is little to no equipment needed other than the physical phones and possibly PoE switches for mid, large and enterprise solutions.

Once again, these pieces of hardware are significantly smaller than any Legacy system and can dramatically eliminate the unforeseen costs of a traditional Legacy PBX system.

Little to No Maintenance

With a traditional PBX system, you are bound to having monthly or annual costs for maintaining the on-premise system. Maintenance can be extremely costly.

On the contrary, a Hosted phone solution is much easier to maintain. Your VoIP provider does (should be doing) all the leg work and typically does not charge for any maintenance of the configurations or setup.

More than likely, all of the configurations and adjustments can be done through the Administrative Portal of your VoIP system.

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