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Founded in 1988, Republic Voice & Data is committed to establishing lasting business relationships with our clients. Republic Voice & Data develops customized technology packages around telecommunications and network based client solutions. Extensive technology and service experience allows our team to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique communication and networking needs and respond to those needs quickly and efficiently. We are a true one-stop-shop for telephone, data, video, and so much more!

Republic Voice & Data appreciates the critical need for a data and communications company that combines leading technology with top quality service and support. Our position as an industry leader is based on these principles and on our commitment to lead a rapidly changing industry. We enable each solution to migrate with our clients' changing needs, working to eliminate "forklift" upgrades and protecting your investment.

In practicing long-term technology management, we build successful business relationships. We continue to assist clients in creating competitive advantages through implementing working technology plans. These plans are continuously evaluated and revised to accommodate an ever-changing industry. Republic Voice & Data recognizes the importance of building technology around people, not people around technology.

Multi-location applications are our specialty.

Our unique understanding of national and government accounts enables Republic Voice & Data to institute a standardization process that many multi-location companies desire. As an industry leader, Republic Voice & Data has cemented lasting partnerships with all of the manufacturers we represent. We have developed strict guidelines to implement successful national account programs. Technology implementation is only successful it if works for you and achieves greater profitability.

Converging telephone, data, and video on a regional, national, and international basis facilitates your internal and external technology needs. Republic Voice & Data can provide an all-in-one solution, acting as a single point of contact for all your technology needs. Our enterprise technology structure enables us to provide multi-service solutions including telephone, data, video, VoIP and so much more.

Republic Voice & Data has built a team of specialists committed to your satisfaction. Our technical staff undergoes rigorous factory training along with on-premise weekly training, and is kept current with the latest product and service innovations. Installation and training your personnel maximizes your solutions' performance. We work with you to achieve optimum user convenience and operational efficiency. Our goal is to provide the best mix of product, service, and support that is realistically available in the marketplace.

Republic Voice & Data removes the guesswork of selecting a technology company and system. Providing comprehensive information in advance enables you to make an informed decision based on an understanding of system performance, pricing, and service. As a national account installer for several manufacturers, Republic Voice & Data has been recognized for our strategic direction and dedication to quality technology implementation. We are proud to serve as advisory council members for manufacturers, providing an important conduit for customer input with key business partners. Our goal of establishing a long-term relationship with our clients begins with the first contact between Republic Voice & Data and the prospective client. Our job is to listen to customer needs and provide a consultative approach to achieve their goals. We first create a "Project Overview" with the client. By evaluating the expected outcome with the client, we help them to recognize the steps they need to take to achieve that outcome, and the order in which those steps should be taken. Republic Voice & Data can coordinate and implement projects starting with cabling, carrier selections for dial tone and internet, voice, data and video hardware selections, project coordination of all vendors and tasks, complete installation, training and service to support our technology recommendations.

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